Popek Monster on fighting “Stifler” at FAME MMA 7: It will be like a walk in the park!

Popek Monster (3-4) will debut with a new employer on September 5. During FAME MMA 7, his fight with Damian “Stifler” Zduńczyk will be the main attraction of the event in Łódź. Does the “King of Albania” disregard the closest opponent? This can be deduced from the last statement!


During FAME MMA 7, Marcin Najman will take his first parting act. We will also see the long-awaited rematch between Adrian Polański and Amadeusz Roślik. After the defeats, Krystian Wilczak and Maciej Szewczyk will want to rebuild. Kamil Hassan, who will face Maksymilian Wiewiórka again, will also get a chance to pay back.

Popek Monster (3-4) is confident before his debut in FAME MMA. The popular rapper will want to get back on the right track after the recent strong losers in the KSW organization. In an interview with Super Express, Popek said that a duel with “Stifler” would be like a walk in the park for him.

I feel that I have a hard time in this fight. It will be more like a walk in the park for me. I will approach it as a strong sparring so as not to hurt this boy (..) I have been training twice a day for five months. How the right hook will fly. God forbid. I can only say that. And he will hit his head against the wall. The gloves are there to protect the fighter’s hands, not the opponent’s face.

The popular rapper at the end of 2016 returned to the cage after a long break. His clash with Mariusz Pudzianowski aroused great interest. The renowned Marcin Różalski prepared him for this duel.

In Krakow, at the beginning, we had a moment of terror and the surprise of the crowd. The strongest man on earth was on his knees after the short right hand “King of Albania”. The surprises ended there, because Pudzianowski needed a minute and 20 seconds to demolish his rival.

Popek has also won one victory in the largest organization in our country. I am talking about an event at the National Stadium. The 41-year-old quickly and effectively stole zero from Robert Burneika’s record.

Here is the fight card of the upcoming FAME MMA 7 gala:

Paweł “Popek Monster” Mikołajuw vs Damian “Stifler” Zduńczyk
Adrian “Polak” Polański vs Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik
Marcin “Mielonidas” Makowski vs Łukasz Lupa
Marta “Linkimaster” Linkiewicz vs. Marta “Martirenti” Rentel
Tomasz Olejnik vs Mariusz “‘Hejter” Słoński
Arkadiusz “Aroy” Tańula vs Paweł “Tybori” Tyburski
Marcin “El Testosteron” Najman vs Dariusz “Lew” Kaźmierczuk
Kamil “Hassi” Hassan vs Maksymilian “Squirrel” Squirrel
Krystian ” Krycha “Wilczak vs Maciej” Szewcu “Szewczyk

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